Logo / Mascot Redesign: Step by Step

logo redesign

I thought it’d be fun to share this recent project. I was asked by a client to redesign their company mascot.

They had been using the character below but wanted him done in a cleaner, more exciting style. Right off the bat I knew this would be a fun project so it was time to cut loose.

The original cartoon logo

Looking at the original it’s definitely a fun drawing but perhaps a little rough around the edges to be a mascot / logo. The idea was to keep the original feel of the character but streamline him into a cleaner, more professional looking logo.

I also wanted to add more excitement to the overall pose. This guy is representing a powerful performance battery. Lets show the power and speed this guy is generating! Rather than have him standing straight up, let’s get him leaning into the pose.

Sketch 1
The first sketch

Here’s the first stab at the redesign. I like to start by sketching very rough. The aim is to capture the pose and energy first before moving on to the details

With this sketch, I’m really liking the overall feel. He’s got the lean we want. Those tires look like there really revving up. The whole thing is starting to convey the speed we’re after.

Sketch 2
The sketch is refined until we capture the mood and basic details

The next step is to take that sketch and refine it. The details are added in. We’ve got that flapping tongue and the crazy eyes and hair from the original.

I also lift up the arm and hand. This is where the electricity will be shooting out from so it looks more powerful clenched up above his shoulder.

I tried to add a little dramatic perspective to the tires by making the further tire much smaller than the closer one and putting them at an angle to each other. The angle also conveys motion.

linework in Adobe Illustrator
Sketch is used to create linework in Adobe Illustrator

Next comes the heavy lifting. It’s time to take the sketch into Adobe Illustrator and create the clean artwork.

The sketch is used loosely but it is inside Adobe Illustrator where it really gets nailed down. I wasn’t happy with the front arm in the sketch so I tried to give it a little more clench. The idea with this guy is to convey the power of electricity and the speed he’s moving with.

Color in Adobe Illustrator
The color and highlights are added in Illustrator as well

Once I’ve got the linework down it’s time to start coloring.

I used Adobe Illustrator to add the colors. It’s the perfect program to get those sharp edges I like in a logo / mascot design.

So now that we have the finished mascot, it’d be a crying shame not to use him. Let’s see how he looks in a web banner design.

Web Banner
The finished web banner featuring our new mascot… not too shabby!

I hope you enjoyed getting an inside look at the process of redesigning a logo. I can’t stress enough how important a good professional logo can be to your business. If you’d like to find out about updating or changing your own logo, please contact us or request a quote.

Let us know what you think about the redesign in the comment section below.

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