Exam Website Design

Our client needed the ability to allow their visitors to schedule and pay for certification exams in the health industry. This required a custom-built back end application to allow customer log in and the ability to track all testing and scores. This example shows that even a database driven … Read more about Exam Website Design

Realty Website Design

This custom-built website was designed to capture the beauty of the properties our client has for sale. With such amazing photos to work with, it made sense to showcase one of the most striking photos on the home page. Features include a fully functioning database that makes it a breeze for our … Read more about Realty Website Design

Product Website Design

This website was designed to sell orthodontic products online. We were able to use a fun, cartoon style that clearly separated our client from the competition. Using a very descriptive style of writing for each product category, we were able to catapult our client to #1 on Google without the need of … Read more about Product Website Design

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